Chris                    Neil             Ian                   Joe            Geoff     


Chris (Drums)
Neil (Keyboards)
Ian (vocals) Joe (Bass) Geoff (Guitar)

Equipment used by the band 

Chris (Drums)                                                                                                                                                     I've used loads of different equipment over the years. In Stormchild I used mainly Premier drums. I had a brief dabble with a Tama Rockstar kit but didn't like them as much. Loud, but not as much tone. I've also played Yamaha, Sonor phonic (V nice) double bass drum, but the favourite is my current custom Mapex Orion kit with gold plated hardware and Black panther snare, it is the absolute mutts nuts!

Equipment list; (Back in 1982)                                                                                          Premier soundwave concert tom kit. 24" bass drum,12",13"14"15" rack toms,18" floor tom. Hayman vibrasonic snare (v rare and collectible), Sonor piccolo snare. Mix of Zildjian and Paiste cumbals. Pin stripe skins on the toms, Aquarian power stroke on the snare. Premier 252 pedal, and Ludwig speed king pedal. Promuco 5B hickory drum sticks.




                     Dominion Theatre, London               

                    Manchester University

    Animal, my alter ego.  We also have the same drumming styles!!


St Augustines,  Bolton

Manchester University