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Equipment used by the band 

Geoff ( Guitar )

Geoff has used all sorts of guitars over the years but had 3 main guitars during the Stormchild years.His main axe was a Les Paul Gold Top, but he bought a super expensive hand made Schecter inspired by Van Halen with gold plating and custom pickups. He also used a 1962 Fender strat as he was into Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen etc.

Amps varied over the time, he had a go with overdriven AC30's, but Geoff was happiest with a Marshall100 watt super lead valve head and 4 x 12 Marshall cab. No effects, just the amp and volume control! 



Geoff with Gold top Les Paul and Marshall stack

Gold Top and gold poncho!

The Schecter, only a little Van Halen! The '62 Strat