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We were all really ambitious, but it was soon evident that Glen and David were the weak links musically in the band. Glen had not been playing too long and was not progressing as fast as we wanted him to. David turned up drunk at our Silverwell gig and we never forgave him for cocking things up! We unfortunately sacked them both which was really unpleasant at the time because we practised at Glens and he was a really nice guy. He since went on to become a great vocalist with local rock band Kudos. David joined the Police, no, not that Police !

Our second review was better than the first , and the last one with Glen and David in the band.

During the time with Glen and David we recorded a tape with 5 original tracks at Jamm studios in Bolton. I will probably dig it out and look to release it some time in the future.

Our new guitarist Geoff was a talented player I had gigged with in the past and Joe was a superkeen bassist with a really nice feel to his playing. The scene was set to develop the Stormchild sound.


 Our second review, better, but our David our drunk bass player created some problems!  Have you noticed, someone has bought a typewriter for the magazine!