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Over the coming months we further developed our distinctive sound. Played loads of gigs and worked on the stage show. We wanted to stand out from the local scene by using pyrotechnics, smoke and dressing like a proper rock band. Most of the bands at the time just played in Jeans and T shirts, not us! We had a range of different leather gear, modified stuff from Oxfam and other charity shops, and tried to establish an original look. We practised in a hut in the middle of a graveyard (very heavy metal! ) in Harwood Bolton, and built up a good list of original material.

I got friendly with a local businessman called Selu who had a chain of boutiques, leather shops and an art gallery! He loved the band, and spent time driving us around, making gear for us, and using us as a tax loss for his businesses! Selu was really enthusiastic and was our number one critic. He was a black cockney with a bald head and gold chain earring and looked just like the manager of a rock band, a bit Spinal Tap. Selu was a best mate and a staunch supporter of the band.

                                              Various tickets and posters that survived !