Chris                    Neil             Ian                   Joe         Geoff        



Chris (Drums) Neil (Keyboards) Ian (vocals) Joe (Bass) Geoff (Guitar)

Equipment used by the band 

Joe (Bass)                                                                                                                                                          Joe started off with a standard wood finish Fender Precision bass. But very soon he found a metallic red Fender Precision special that had active pickups on it and that was that, he loved it and wouldn't play anything else!

His amplification was not the usual bass gear used at the time. Most people went for a 15" cab, but Joe opted for a Fender 6 x 10 cab with a Carlsbro 400 watt bass head. he had a real distinctive punchy sound with the combination he used, especially with the active pickups on his Precision Bass.

Joe with his first Fender Precision The red active special!

Live in London with std Precision Go for it!! with trademark stripey pants