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Equipment used by the band 

Neil (Keyboard)                                                                                                                                               The main thing I remember about Neils gear is the crazy synth he once bought with separate wires, weird dials etc. It looked like an old telephone exchange. It was very Brian Eno / Keith Emerson.

Things settled down when he realised it was not really practical for live gigs. Neil used a Crumar electric piano and Yamaha electronic keyboard and a korg synthesizer. He played through a  4 x 12 Carlsbro cabs powered by a Carlsbro 200 watt head. He also wore a tie, not sure who he got that one from, Rick Wakeman?

Crumar, Yamaha synth and tie! Live in London, same gear, same tie!

Live at St Augustines Neil, talented guy, but the main reason for us splitting up!