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People to thank ;

In no particular order

Mario Corbello ; For tracking me down and getting things moving between the record company and myself.

Thorsten and Steffen  ; For all their help and faith in the band.

Geoff, Joe, Ian, Neil ; Thanks for great times, we rocked!

Alejandrino Cubacub jr (Al) ; For helping me with the web site.

Karen, ( my missus ); For putting up with all the late nights coming home from gigs, helping me to build the studio, and continued support in all my (many) ventures.

The Kids; Scott, Paula and Nic; For putting up with an ageing rocker when everyone else had "normal" parents!

All the great musicians I have played with over the years; The ones I remember are;

Geoff Harwood (guitar), Joe Rodmell (Bass), Neil McCurley(keyboards), Ian Bridge (vocals), Paul Waddington,(Waddy, guitar), Swifty (bass), Chuff (vocals), Paul Meadows(bass),George (Snakeoil, Guitar), Charlie Kite (bass), Leslie Wilson(vocals), Dave Tomkins(guitar), Dave Smith(guitar), Dave Wilson(bass), Dave Thomas(bass), Reg Norris(guitar), Bob, Dave, Terry (Bobs full house).

There are many many more, please contact me if I have missed you out!

Last but not least;

Mum and Dad; For all the sacrifices they made so I could follow my dreams. All the gigs they came to, and their support. Especially to Dad who died 15 years ago and wont see the album release, I miss you!