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Hi and welcome to the site.

It all seems so long ago back in 1979 when a group of mates got together to form Stormchild. We ended up winning Opportunity Rocks, (a national talent competition in the UK with over 1000 entrants) we then signed to Paradise promotions who subsequently went bust. Then Kilo records signed us up which was an offshoot of K Tel records which was set up for promoting new rock bands.

Stormchild released a white label single ( Rockin' steady, which the record label used to attract a producer for the band). Chris Tsangarides was interested in working with us who produced Magnum etc, but we split up before we could work with him.

The single has gone on to become the most collectable single of the New Wave of Heavy Metal genre with a copy selling recently on Ebay for almost 2,300!

The continued interest in the band has prompted me to set up this web site. Many thanks to Mario Corbella, a NWOBHM fan who tracked me down and introduced me to Thorsten who is helping me to  release an album of unreleased studio and live tracks from Stormchild in 2011, 27 years after they were recorded!

I can't wait for its release! Thanks for everything Thorsten!

Please enjoy the site, it is a nostalgic look at a group of talented teenagers who were at the forefront of the NWOBHM movement and split up for crazy reasons before realising what huge potential we had.

Kids eh!!


Chris Mitchell
Drums and Vocals

Neil McCurley
Keyboards and vocals

Ian Bridge

      Joe Rodmell          Bass and vocals Geoff Harwood
 Guitar and vocals